Hydroponics for Indoor Plants

For Home and Office


    It's Simple, Clean, and Easy

    • Problems growing plants?
    • Can't add plants because you travel?
    • Fighting insects or disease?

    Success at last! Growing indoor plants is easy with our simple to use system. Great for beginners and experts alike.

    Our Hydroponic System could be the biggest advance for growing indoor plants in years!

    This is the Simplest Growing System for Indoor Plants Anywhere


    What is hydroponics for indoor plants? Basically, it means growing without soil. Our system replaces all growing media with special clay pebbles called LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). A water gauge even tells you when to water!

    This system is simple and easy to use. No pumps, motors, or electricity needed.

    With our system your plants will practically take care of themselves. Imagine all your plants in a clean, easy to use system that even tells you when to water!

    Philodendron selloum

    Spend less time on your plants and get better results!

    Healthy plants are easy with correct watering and balanced nutrition. Fewer insect problems .... and other plant ailments too!

    Beginner or expert, your plants will benefit from our system!